A customer-centred service culture is part of our DNA

Elsie is a company incorporated under Swiss law founded in 2012. Its objective is to provide support for key account customers in accomplishing highly technical projects in the energy sector. Its main area of expertise covers electrical energy transmission and distribution, an area in which it is now unanimously recognized by its customers.

Since it was created Elsie has experienced constant growth. It started offering training courses in 2016, and since 2018, it provides support and assistance for commissioning MV/LV equipment on oil platforms.

What are our values?

They define who we are and guide our decisions.



The technical assistance offered by Elsie is designed to be “turnkey”, i.e. in addition to logistics, it includes the social, legal and tax facets related to personnel secondment. This effective and efficient formula that covers all these constraints delivers the level of flexibility that all stakeholders are currently looking for..

Elsie is based on the outskirts of Geneva, with skills deployed in Switzerland and internationally.

Today, Elsie represents more than 550 assignments accomplished in 48 different countries !

Our field of expertise?

Energy transmission and distribution.


Elsie, experts assigned across all continents

The high level of professionalism of our specialists enables us to respond to the most specific requests of our customers, anywhere in the world..


is a team of more than 35 technicians and engineers, of 10 different nationalities, who have completed more than 160 assignments in 2019, half of which were outside Europe !

Elsie, a team at your disposal

Dynamic, conscientious and attentive, their efficiency is captivating.




After working for 3 years in casinos, Claire decided to change her career path and obtain a higher education certificate (BTS) as a management assistant for small and medium-sized companies...

After initial experience in a technical assistance company that specializes in construction, she returned to the casino world with a one-year overseas posting in Madagascar. This gave her the opportunity to appreciate the difficulties related to working outside her country. Since January 2018, she has worked as an assistant and then administration manager, so travelling, invoicing and salary payments hold no secrets for her. Claire is an attentive and cheerful person who is greatly appreciated by the personnel on assignment.




Vincent obtained his DUT technical diploma in Mechanical and Production Engineering in Grenoble and pursued his studies at Napier University in Edinburgh, Scotland...

He has acquired sound experience in customer service on installing and maintaining HV switchgear during the 10 years he spent in the Siemens worksite department in Grenoble, where he held various positions (supervisor, worksite coordinator, account manager, training support, as well as methods and tooling management). Vincent joined Elsie in 2019 as operations manager to coordinate all of our assignments, constantly communicating with our customers. He firmly believes in the importance of personnel safety and security matters and directs the company's HSE policy.




Emilien is an electrical engineer with more than 12 years of onsite experience internationally...

He has worked in various field positions: high voltage equipment installation supervisor, test engineer and then turnkey worksite manager. Through this last position, he has gained an insight into the importance of HSE culture, quality processes and the rigour required to oversee and contractually manage subcontracting companies. These years spent in different countries have convinced him that good cultural knowledge is particularly beneficial to the success of projects. Emilien joined Elsie in 2013 and today, his vision of the field plays a major role in the company's strategic decisions.




Myrlie graduated with a federal certificate of competence and an accounting assistant diploma. She has amassed a broad range of experience in the canton of Geneva...

as a hostess, early childhood educator, security officer and sales assistant. Through the diversity of these functions, she has developed her ability to adapt and be highly flexible. Myrlie joined Elsie in 2018, providing support in all logistical, payroll and administrative areas.

Elsie, attentive corporate management

Responsible for the group worldwide, driven by customer satisfaction, but without compromising on core values.




Administrative and Financial Director and then Chief Executive Officer since 2019, Drid has an MBA in international strategy and finance...

He began by working as a business engineer on numerous international projects for large groups, such as Siemens, before becoming one of the founding members of Elsie. As he has worked on numerous international projects, he ensures compliance with tax and migration regulations as well as labour laws related to Elsie's activities. He places respect for human values at the forefront of corporate social responsibility.




Dominique is a graduate of the ESSEC business school, with 40 years of international business management experience, notably in construction and oil services...

After living in Africa and Latin America, he moved to Switzerland in 1999 as Director of Financial Services until 2001, helping to set up Lexmark International in Switzerland (200 employees). Since 2002, he has been involved in the creation, takeover and development of numerous service and industrial activities in Switzerland and abroad. He is a member of various employer and associative organizations such as Essec Alumni, the Swiss Association of Friends of the Grandes Ecoles (ASAGE), the succession association Relève-PME, the Franco-Swiss Chamber of Commerce, the Geneva Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services (CCIG), the Vaud Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CVCI) and the Rhone Economic Forum (Forum Rhodanien). LSE*-approved by the Canton of Vaud and the Swiss Confederation, he is the representative for Swiss administrations.

* LSE is the Federal Law on Employment and Labour Leasing