A customer-centred service culture
without compromising health and safety

Satisfying the requirements of our customers without delay must not compromise our QHSE policy.

This means that through management, we must become individually and collectively involved in analysing and preventing risks related to our activities. Close collaboration with our customers on QHSE issues is essential to bring requirements into line with the capacities of the worksite.

Whether through training, accreditation or by continuously learning from experience, we are committed to doing everything possible to provide a safe and quality compliant environment for our operations.

The management team has in-depth knowledge of the different lines of business. This professional judgment is an unquestionable asset in providing support for our customers and employees in risk analysis to avert danger. We have a resolutely practical approach that is both effective and efficient.

In 2022, we fulfilled our QHSE policy by appointing an QHSE specialist to coordinate and undertake the recommended upgrades to achieve ISO45001 and ISO9001 certification.

Our ISO45001 and ISO9001 certifications are under process !


Today, it is the HV and MV skills of our personnel that set us apart from the competition. Our technical expertise, which is recognized by our customers, forms the central pillar of our values. It is the result of selective recruitment and a quality-orientated operational strategy.


Clarity & openness

Through clarity and openness, we make consistent progress with all our customers and enjoy a very low staff turnover rate.
They are fundamental values to work closely with the various administrative, tax and legal bodies, and thereby comply with the legal employment framework of the countries that host our assignments.


This is reflected in our compliance with contractual commitments and our dependability and trustworthiness for the various stakeholders.


Respect and humility

ELSIE’s cultural diversity makes it an attentive company in which respect for differences is one of the fundamentals shared by all our employees. ELSIE considers humility as a core value


QHSE policy

A customer-centered service culture, without compromising health and safety.

A customer-centered service culture is part of our DNA…

Through our core values of expertise and professionalism, we can satisfy the demands of our
customers and partners, while showing the respect and humility that define us. ELSIE also complies with all legal and other requirements imposed on it, with the highest degree of clarity and openness.

... Without compromising health and safety

ELSIE is committed to providing safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of
occupational injuries and illnesses. We identify hazards and risks to employee health and safety
and keep them up to date in our single occupational risk assessment document (DUERP) in order
to eliminate or mitigate them.


All our employees are consulted and participate, both individually and collectively, in analysing and
preventing the risks associated with our activities ELSIE is committed to continuously improving its QHSE management system and lays down the foundations for its objectives. The management mobilises the resources that are needed to attain them.

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